away from home

Always always always have a WHY NOT? attitude.

folie a deux

Love this kinda shit. Can’t wait.


sometimes i think i like sadness

sad is the new happy

For the sensitive, adulthood is a serious test of how well you are able to bullshit. Especially in professional settings.

Phase 5497

Solitude, and sometimes even loneliness, should be perceived as an opportunity for self-reliance, reflection, cultivation of individuality, and re-focusing or -defining of one’s purpose. It should be taken as a rare, precious time to establish one’s philosophy and moral values. I may reach a point where loneliness begins to overwhelm and affect my personality, but it’s important to remember that changes bring lessons, and lessons produce wisdom. 

It’s time to organize my thoughts and be proactive about reaching goals. I’ve got to start somehow, somewhere. Each step, however small, will accumulate in a matter of time, and I’ll be surprised at what new heights I’m capable of reaching and overriding. 

It’s time. It’s always time! Time is everything and time is nothing!

gimme my personality backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk pleeeaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Parts to Rid

  • Complaining
  • Comparing
  • Forgetting about blessings
  • Focusing on “hardships”
  • Hating others
  • Holding things in
  • Distancing & isolating self

So many more. But let’s slowly throw these away first. 

NO RECYCLING, these are things to basura, that nobody can treasure.

instability is the founding factor of the twentysomethings, and it’s fun. it will be missed.

but damn i just wanna settle down already. 

i want to find somebody to give back to the world together. i feel like i can offer a lot to the world, with just a little push by a really kind-hearted man. 

i can’t wait. i know you’re somewhere out there.

i can’t wait to love somebody with all my heart, freely and unconditionally.

be everywhere