away from home

no fuego

My soul is darker than it is brighter.

But if it meets another with a special kind of light, I am rekindled and able to burn and shine with uncontainable flames!

Nobody has come to spark it yet tho.

come spark it. light my fire please. 

i’m not waiting. i’m wanting. 

in the meantime, i will continue to be working.

If my happiness and sense of freedom come from calling in sick so I can have time to do what I like doing…. what is my life?


Just one person, one sentence„ could have such a huge long term effect on you. And when I realize these things without letting the person know, I wonder how many lives I’ve touched without knowing so. 

People, especially strangers, are becoming a very important part of my life. 

I know. I should never wait and expect for somebody to save me. But when all else has been tried and I face the moment I know that I can’t do it on my own, I crave it. I crave because I need, and need because I crave. I need warmth and I need comfort. At least time to time. Work will harden you. The world makes you a colder person. I’m afraid my temperature’s dropped so low it’s going to take a special fire to bring me back. to. life. 

I miss my own warmth. I’ve lost so much yet I can’t put a finger on what exactly I’ve lost. All I know is I’m not myself anymore. 

I miss encouragements, I miss love. I miss a shoulder, a hand, and a sharing of tears. I miss genuine smiles, true laughters. 

I can’t save myself


Fight through it all - for any reward that comes easily is harmful.

True rewards must feel like you deserved it.

Easy come, easy go.

Always always always have a WHY NOT? attitude.

folie a deux

Love this kinda shit. Can’t wait.


sometimes i think i like sadness

sad is the new happy

For the sensitive, adulthood is a serious test of how well you are able to bullshit. Especially in professional settings.

Phase 5497

Solitude, and sometimes even loneliness, should be perceived as an opportunity for self-reliance, reflection, cultivation of individuality, and re-focusing or -defining of one’s purpose. It should be taken as a rare, precious time to establish one’s philosophy and moral values. I may reach a point where loneliness begins to overwhelm and affect my personality, but it’s important to remember that changes bring lessons, and lessons produce wisdom. 

It’s time to organize my thoughts and be proactive about reaching goals. I’ve got to start somehow, somewhere. Each step, however small, will accumulate in a matter of time, and I’ll be surprised at what new heights I’m capable of reaching and overriding. 

It’s time. It’s always time! Time is everything and time is nothing!